Ontarians live without a family doctor.

If current trends persist, more than 4 million Ontarians could be without a family doctor by 2026. The family doctor shortage will be felt by all, regardless of where we live in Ontario. In some cases, entire families will be without one.

Every Ontarian needs a family doctor. The Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) is ready to work with the Ontario government to make this happen.

Find out how

Family doctors are critical in keeping Ontario’s families, patients, and communities healthy.

In many small towns, family doctors are the backbone: They run their own local practices, work in nearby hospitals and emergency rooms, and tend to those in long-term care homes.

Having a regular family doctor improves health outcomes, reduces mortality, decreases hospitalizations, and reduces healthcare costs.

This pandemic has created a backlog that is hindering Ontarians from getting the timely care they deserve.

Ontario’s healthcare system was already feeling the impact of a family doctor shortage. This problem will become a crisis as more doctors retire and fewer medical school graduates enter this profession.

This is an emergency, but doctors are used to treating those. We have cures.

The Cure


Ensure Ontarians have a family doctor working alongside a team, so patients can get the help they need faster.

Research shows that patients with access to comprehensive team-based primary care, led by a family doctor, have better health outcomes, fewer visits to the hospital/emergency department/specialty care, and overall are more satisfied with their care.

The Ontario government needs to commit to ensuring every family doctor and their patients have access to a team. Here’s how the Ontario government can help.


Improve the accessibility of care by increasing the time that family doctors can spend providing direct patient care.

Family doctors say they can spend up to 25% of their week on administrative work. This is time that could be spent providing direct patient care.

We need to give family doctors more time to spend on direct patient care. Here’s how the Ontario government can help.


Ensure every Ontarian has a family doctor by recruiting and retaining more family doctors within the province.

1.3 million Ontarians live without a doctor. And 1-in-5 family physicians plan on retiring within the next five years.

We need to recruit and retain more family physicians. Here’s how the Ontario government can help.

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The Ontario College of Family Physicians represents more than 15,000 family physicians across the province.

We provide our members evidence-based education and professional development. We promote and recognize leadership in family medicine and advocate for the vital role family physicians play in delivering high quality of care to Ontario’s patients and families.

The Ontario College of Family Physicians was established in 1954 and is a not-for-profit and voluntary organization. It is the provincial chapter of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.